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21 At Last!

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My wonderful friend Val has finally turned 21, thank gawwd. She is the last of my crew to turn, so we made quite the spectacle of it. Program, to be exact. The night involved 16 people getting horribly plastered and bar-hopping in Portland. This picture was taken at the Space Room, where Val drank many Crown Royal beverages. Highlights included screaming/hooting/hollering constantly, Angeline's table dance (which ended with the bouncer escorting her off of the table), the representation of several generations and locations of Mucks (ages 21-32, Eugene, Portland, Corvallis, GEORGIA!, Newport, & Charleston), and singing Happy Birthday to Val at least three times that I recall. Not to mention the mystery meat burritos at the end of the night, which left us all thinking, "I don't know what it was, but I'm so happy I ate it." Happy 21 Val!


Incredible Movie

Go see this movie! Posted by Hello The Incredibles!

This movie was amazing! I know you're thinking that I'm not getting many thrills in life and am therefore hungry for any stimulation, but no! You're wrong! This movie was awesome. And I do lead a thrilling life, thank you! Not only did I go see this movie last Friday, I also snuck into another movie right afterwards. Now is that wild and CRAZY or what!

Ok, I give up.

However, I must warn those of you that might try this in your own life that there exists a movie theatre karma of sorts. If you sneak into a movie, it will inevitably be as horribly cheesy as National Treasure, which lacked any sort of character development and had the most predictable plot of all time. My first comment after walking out of the theatre was "I am SO glad I didn't pay to see that". Ah so, it is my punishment for disrupting the ebb and flow of cinematic capitalism.


Poodle is a Ghost!

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This is my terminally ill, inbred, runt cat named Poodle. She changed positions while I was taking this picture, and this was the result. So not only is she a terminally ill, inbred runt, she is also a ghost cat. Maybe this is her way of reminding me that she won't be around forever and I need to stop being so annoyed with her when she howls at me incessantly. Or maybe the camera just freaked out. I'll never know...


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Here is Liz's beautifully decorated platter of turkey at our two-family Thanksgiving dinner, which consisted of the Greens, the Hoskinsons, home-made stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, and the rest. And a few games of cribbage. The was the 4th annual multi-famly Community Center Thanksgiving. Good times!


Post-Election Blues

I've taken time to cool off before responding to the disappointment and disease that are the results of the 2004 election, nationally and otherwise. Within the stages of grief, I'm still at stage One: Denial.

Denial that so many hateful, ignorant people can live amongst me without even knowing that they are hateful and ignorant (hence, ignorance, Sara).

Denial that the majority of people are the hateful, ignorant people of which I speak.

And mostly, denial that a man who lies, casts stones, and war-mongers will continue to be our president for the next FOUR years, a time that he will use wisely, I'm sure, in his quest to empower the rich and fuck over the poor.

Four more years of this! Don't be surprised if I develop a twitch and start smoking crack by the end of it all. Hey, everybody copes differently, don't judge me.

A popular I'm-hurt-and-in-denial coping strategy of the nation's progressives has been humor, such as the satirical suggestion of forming a new country made up of only the "blue" states. Tim Bedore, a comedian and political commentator on NPR's Marketplace expressed this sentiment yesterday. You should definitely listen... it's pretty funny.

Click Here: NPR's Marketplace: Commentary by Tim Bedore

Press the "Listen to commentary" button and the show will start playing in RealPlayer format. It's a fast-streaming program, even if you use dial-up.

Enjoy, and remember: Depression is anger without the enthusiasm. Perk up and start working toward change, both today and in 2008.


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Halloween With the Ladies

Halloween 2004 Posted by Hello

On the Friday night before Halloween, these four girls & more went to a party in Portland with Liz's brother. From left to right: Me, as a slave to my student loans (loan statements attached to handcuffs); Pabst Blue Ribbon Girl, Martha Stuart, & a naughty nurse. Also in attendance were the ladies in the pic above. Woo hoo!