Most Boring Person Ever

To pacify Evan, I will post, although I have nothing exciting to share, really. I am the most boring, destitute person ever. So, let's see...what to write? How about ten things that prove how boring I am, and how lame my life has become...
  1. I work 12 hours per day. Not exaggerating.
  2. Working 12 hours per day has no ill effect on my social life because I don't have one.
  3. My mother visiting for three days over Thanksgiving is the highlight of my recent social agenda.
  4. Yesterday, I watched re-runs of Ellen on T.V.
  5. I talk to my cats. A lot.
  6. The most wildlife I've seen in a while is a nutrea crawling out of the wetland behind my classroom.
  7. In conversations, I have nothing to talk about except my job.
  8. My latest culinary creations have all been white pasta-ish things or ramen.
  9. I spend a solid half-day cleaning my house from top to bottom every weekend.
  10. I hang out with Ally once or twice per week to do my laundry and complain, or wrestle around with her 2-year-old (which is actually pretty fun).



Ha ha ha

I'm an ESL teacher so I'm allowed to laugh.

You will too. Click here.


Um, Crazy.

Check out what happend at the River House. My dad posted this on the River House Blog.

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Miscellaneous Reports

1. Six of my students had head lice last week. I freaked out and made the district treat my room, most likely with nasty chemicals that will drastically impede learning, but...At least we have no external parasites.

2. I survived my first Halloween of living in the neighborhood where my students also reside...By hiding out at Ally's house. Literally. I took a six-inch stack of papers to her house and graded them all night, comforted by the facts that my cats were inside, my front porch light was off, and my students still don't know where I live.

3. There might have been a tornado the other night. Well, maybe not a tornado, but this old house I live in made that nasty windstorm sound like the cyclone in the Wizard of Oz. There were creepy creaks and whistly howling noises all night. Luckily, I'm not someone who spooks very easily, because if I was, this living alone thing would have been pretty scary in the middle of my Salem tornado.

4. I'm going to start using my digital tape recorder today for something other than recording my friends and me singing drunken karaoke. I'm going to create a self-guided oral reading assessment tape for the kiddos. They'll take the tape recorder into the hall, press record, introduce themselves, then start reading a short, grade level passage of text. This way, I don't have to give the other kids busy work so that I can give the assessment, and I can go home and wear pajamas while I listen to and score the recordings.

I hope to see some of you in Corvallis on Saturday!

-end report-