Your Grandma

Saturday was my official housewarming party...six weeks after I moved in. The theme was "Dress like your grandma," and my friends, as always, rose to the challenge of an obscure theme. Below, the chain of fool dancers reunite for an encore performance, granny style.

Next, watch the vocal stylings of Grandma Green, singing "Take Me to the River." Notice the entourage of elderly back up dancers.

Next, marvel at this vision of the future of Sami and Tim.

Check out these legs (and stockings).

Last, but not least, Grandpa Arnold gets down in his karaoke debut.

I am still recovering...good party!

Oh, and thanks Evan J. for the picture!


This is How I Will Die

While sunbathing in your yard, a commercial airliner accidentally unloads its waste tank. You are impaled by several spears of frozen urine which fall from 30,000 feet above you.

Tell me how you will die: www.deathpsychic.com/

10/25/05 Try it now...?


Angelene Might be a Muppet

A funny little sequence of events:

This was taken at last weekend's cabin adventure in Yachats. Ten minutes before it was taken, Evan showed up and a shot of tequilla was instantly administered to him. Ten minutes after it was taken, Rachel was passed out for the night and Liz was "Trying really hard to be cool."

See y'all at my party on Saturday night! It will be grandma-rific!


Classroom Photos

Well, my digital camera is finally up and running, so here are some classroom pictures for you. I took the pictures on a Thursday, and I didn't straighten up first, so just ignore the clutter.

Veiw from the hall:

Reading Corner:

My messy desk area and the only good dry-erase board in my room.