NO on 58, 60, and 64

Hello Friends,
There are several measures on the Oregon ballot that will put the Oregon school system and its students in jeopardy, and as a teacher, I am very concerned.

Measure 58, if passed, will limit my ability to support English language learning, which will have life-long consequences*** as a result of students slipping through the cracks. The logic of the bill is completely unsupported by research on effective language learning, and will inevitabley cause a strain on our society and economy by underpreparing kids to be productive citizens.

Measure 60, by paying teachers for students' test performance, has the potential to turn our students into test-taking machines, rather than high-level thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators that they will need to be to bring success to themselves and society.

If you support me as a teacher, and you want to make the best decisions for our kids, like we teachers do, please vote no on measures 58, 60, and any other measure promoted by Bill Sizemore, who has been a threat to Oregon schools since I was a student within in them.

Below are some resources for more information. I appreciate your taking a few minutes to think about Oregon's kids.

:-) Sara

From the Oregon Education Association
The OEA makes voter recommendations in the interest of children, and takes no other political issues into consideration. These three measures have the most negative effect on Oregon schools.

Measure 58: Sizemore's ELL Limit
Vote "NO".
Here's why: http://www. oregoned. org/site/pp. asp?c=9dKKKYMDH&b=4419733

Measure 60: Sizemore's De-Merit Pay
Vote "NO".
Here's why: http://www. oregoned. org/site/pp. asp?c=9dKKKYMDH&b=4419743

Measure 65: Top-Two Primary
Vote "NO".
Here's why: http://www. oregoned. org/atf/cf/%7B3f7af7ec-f984-4631-a411-148cd1fb8421%7D/ELECTION08%20-%20BM65%20TALKING%20POINTS. PDF

In the coming weeks, the OEA be making the case for each of the following positions on their web site:
Measure 54: Vote "YES".

Measure 55: Vote "YES".

Measure 56: Vote "YES".

Measure 57: Vote "YES".

Measure 59: Vote "NO".

Measure 61: Vote "NO".

Measure 62: Vote "NO".

Measure 63: Vote "NO".

Measure 64: Vote "NO".

State-level Candidates Recommended by the OEA:
Secretary of State - Kate Brown
Attorney General - John Kroger
State Treasurer - Ben Westlund
Bureau of Labor and Industries - Brad Avakian

See the OEA web site for more information on their recommendations.

http://www. oregoned. org/site/pp. asp?c=9dKKKYMDH&b=3855809

NEA Recommendation & Web Site of Barack Obama
The National Education Association, whose sole basis of recommendations is the health of our public schools, recommends Barack Obama.
I feel the need to note here that John McCain did not even bother to fill out the paperwork to seek the endorsement of the NEA, which to me, conveys disinterest in education entirely. It's one thing to bail on Letterman, but quite another not to give priority to our schools.

Obama's election website states, regarding his education policies:
"Throughout America's history, education has been the vehicle for social and economic mobility, giving hope and opportunity to millions of young people. Our schools must prepare students not only to meet the demands of the global economy, but also help students take their place as committed and engaged citizens. It must ensure that all students have a quality education regardless of race, class, or background. Barack Obama is committed to strengthening our public schools to maximize our country's greatest natural resource - the American people.

For more on his educational policies, go to http://www. barackobama. com/issues/education/

***An article about the consequences of dropping out of school, a likelihood for ESOL students not properly served by public schools because of measure 58: http://207. 12. 35. 10/Default. aspx?tabid=67