What has he been puffin?

I challenge you to list some action verbs that best describe what is seen here: A tufted puffin at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in the bird aviary, taken during Val's and my most recent coast adventure, which was, as a side note, an amazing coast weekend for a bazillion reasons*.

Enjoy the video, and again, descriptive verbs?

*Our coast trip was awesome because
---Ocean view in our hotel room was a mile long
---Rogue brewerey: Not only did we have a tour, but the brewmaster put on tap a beer that is uberseldomly ever put on tap anywhere because it is bought out by private consumers prior to even being brewed. Yum. I also got a sweatshirt.
---Can you say, "Jacuzzi tub with an ocean veiw?" (I can.)
---Hottie girlfriend in jacuzzi tub
---Mo's. Enough said.
---King sized love nest.
---Sea otters: Quite possibly the cutest things with whiskers.
---Jelly fish: Woah man, trippy.
---Discovery of the The Wildflower Grill (This sums it up: Crabcake benedict. Seriously.)
---Two hour marathon of Women of Ninja Warrior while soaking in the jacuzzi tub.
---The Muppet Movie was our arrival night relaxation activity...also while in the jacuzzi tub.
---Heated swimming pool and hand stand competition. I won.
---Calamari and crab alfredo dinner. Val had fish tacos. Keep your comments to yourself.
---Oceanside sudoku puzzles and coffee first thing in the morning.
---Cribbage on the beach.
---Pupu platter of salmon, cheese, crackers, salami, etc.
---Mimmosas...in the jacuzzi tub.
---Did I mention it was sunny all weekend? Because it was, so ha ha ha.
---And the number one reason it was awesome: I spent it with the love of my life.