Spring Break Pictures

Enjoy pictures from my Spring Break with Kellyclare & Liz.
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OPA!!!!! - Phaedra's Big Phat Greek Birthday

Last Friday night you would have found me at the Greek Cuisina celebrating Phaedra's 25th birthday in style. There was circle dancing, OPA-ing, much ouzo, belly dancing, and dinner followed by a D.J. and dancing all night. Pictures will follow when I get them.

Phaedra was queen of the night...The birthday people are fed ouzo straight from the bottle for as long as they can handle it...For those of you that remember New Year's Eve, you know that Phaedra and ouzo have not yet mended their relationship, so she cut herself off early from the bottle. They called her up to dance Greek dances, smash plates...FYI, when you smash a plate, you must yell "Opa!" She danced with a boy named "Cousin Steve" all night, but the details are hers to tell, although there really are none. She also got up and showed the belly dancer a thing or two about how to shake her hips, which got a huge roar of applause from the whole restaurant.

Val and Edie were hot dancing queens as well. Val was a cutie and bought Phaedra a rose from the person that wanders around peddling them. Afterwards, it wasn't unusual for Phaedra to stick the rose almost up your nose and command, mischievously, "SMELL IT!" Some of Edie & Chris's friends showed up, so there was quite a crew in support of Tater-tot, which also included Jesse Brown and his new girlfriend Priya. Not sure how to spell that.

Liz left in the first round of cabs with Edie & Chris. She had been dancing like it was going out of style all night and was more exhausted than drunk...She is either a Fly Girl born too late, or a perfect imitation of Rosie Perez in the dancing scenes of "Do the Right Thing." At one point, Liz sat Phaedra down for a birthday lap dance, which went on for a minute or two before Chris came over and literally lifted Liz up, put her down away from Phaedra, and took over the lap dance himself. We like this guy.

Sammy and I boycotted the "Lady Lumps" song as well as the one about "My neck, my back, my pussy, and my crack" by sitting at the table and getting very drunk. The songs that made us rush out there: Living on a prayer (me), and something by Prince (Sammy). We did a fair amount of dancing too, but we had priorities, people, and dancing comes after drinking.

We followed the early leavers around 2:00 in a cab with a directionally challenged driver. Back at Liz's we had cribbage and yummy muffins Adrienne sent up to Oregon with Val. In the morning we ate breakfast at the 24 Hour Hot-Cake House and met up with Patrick, Robin, Evan, and Scott. MMMMmmmm, gravy....Drool...

There is talk of a Pirate party in Santa Cruz over Memorial Weekend...I think we need to reconsider our Memorial Day plans!!! ARRRrrrrr!