They found me.

Checking my email this morning was mostly uneventful...one from Liz about meals for the cabin, some REI specials, a blog comment, and a whole slew of myspace comments and invitations.

Then I read one of them more carefully.

A former student has invited me to be her myspace friend.


Thoughts passing through my head:
1. This child is in 5th grade and on Myspace?
2. Thankfully, my profile is private and can't be read unless she is my friend
3. Thankfully I changed my profile picture from the one where I was drunkenly swaggering while holding a PBR can (see my blogger profile)

Goodbye, Internet anonymity. Hello, heightened security in what is already a pretty private life.


Happy New Year!

A lot of these pictures are Keta's, but I had a hell of a time finding one that she was actually in. Here's one.

Michelle, Joe, & Scott, our fabulous host.

My friends like hats.

Hellooo, boys.

I wish I could be as cool as Chris Moore.

Is Tim groping Sami or holding her up? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Cute one of Val and me.

Karaoke was in full effect.

Look at all the red cups.

Brenden's fancy lipgloss, courtesy of Val.