OEA Voter's Guide

I thought I'd post my union's positions on the 2006 Oregon ballot measures. This is verbatim from them, not my final decision because I'm not done reading the pamphlets myself, but as it stands, I agree fully with their stance on 41, 43, and 48. I'm not so sure about 45, 46, and 47 because they don't intuitively make sense with my politics. Like I said, I still have more to read.

OEA Voter's Guide: Election 2006 Ballot Measures

39 - No Position

40 - NO (Electing Judges Regionally) - Politicizes Oregon courts by requiring Oregon Supreme Court and Appeals Court Justices elected by geographic districts.

41 - NO (Bill Seizmore's Tax Scam) - Allows "income tax deduction equal to federal exemptions deductions to substitute for state exemption credit. Huh? The average Oregon will save $11 a month. The state would loose about $835 million a year in revenues, which are currently used to fund education, health care, and other state services. Measure 41 may sound like a good idea at first, but this complex measure is more of the same empty promises we've heard before from people like Bill Seizmore.

42 - No Position

43 - NO (Government Mandated Parental Notification) - Requires complicated notification procedures before a minor can access an abortion. Allows no exceptions for teen safety.

44 - YES (Prescription Drug Program) - Expands access to low-cost prescription drug purchasing program to all Oregonians. Lowers cost of prescription drugs.

45 - NO (Term Limits) - Limits number of terms for state legislators. The result: less experienced, less knowledgeable, less effective policymakers.

46 - NO (Campaign Finance Laws) - Allows lawmakers or initiatives to limit free speech by restricting campaign contributions and expenditures.

47 - NO (Campain Finance Restrictions) - Limits Oregonians' free speech rights by restricting campaign contributions and expenditures.

48 - NO (TABOR) - Caps state budget for vital services and programs. TABOR will force deep cuts to public education in Oregon, as similar laws did in Colorado. If TABOR had been in effect in Oregon since 1990, we would have approximately 25% less funding for schools and public services now. TABOR is part of a strategy by national interest groups and wealthy individuals at the expense of Oregon's communities.

For governor: Ted Kulongoski

For full text and more candidate picks, click here.


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