I Could Have Been a Butt Rocker

Just keeping things light. Buttrock!! Posted by Hello

With this metal-rock mullet, which band should I join?
Motley Crue
Twisted Sister
Bon Jovi
Dolly Pardon's Back-up Band
The Indigo Girls
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I Don't Want to be in the Real World Yet!!!

My Girls from School @ Ems Game in July Posted by Hello

This is a picture of me with the girls I go to school with. I'm posting this because I miss wasting class time with them! Full time student teaching reminds me that the real world is just around the corner, and dorking around during college classes is coming to an end. Goodbye youth, hello crotchedy old teacher!!!!

Just kidding...I'm more optimistic than that, but the end of college is kind of an impending source of dread. The silver lining is that I have two more terms of grad school after this, so I'll have plenty of chances to screw around and be a college kid again. Chances are that I'll probably be spending many days of those terms writing on my blog about how much I want to be done with school so that I can join the real world.

Moral of the Story: The grass is always greener so quit your bitching.


Hershey Update

Hershey has been returned to us in one piece! Thanks for your positive bunny vibes :-)


Tales of Roy Orbison Wrapped in Cling Wrap

So maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, but I stumbled upon this website and it cracked me the hell up. If you have a minute you should check it out.


Hershey the Wonder Bunny

Hershey Posted by Hello

Hi everyone! Meet Hershey, our classroom rabbit. This is him in his "I'm a slipper" pose chillin' on the floor in our class. And no, our classroom is not as dirty as it would seem from this picture...this little carpet is right underneath Mr. Bunny's cage, and his bunny litter makes it pretty messy. Hershey's job is to hop around the classroom distracting my students, chew on things that he shouldn't (currently he is pursuing a project that involves burrowing out of the classroom through a hole in the wall), and to give my cooperating teacher the reputation of being the best teacher ever.

Hershey is staying the weekend with a student and his family, which is worrisome (for reasons that I may have revealed to some of you in person...if not, ask me in person...what if I was talking smack about my kiddos on the internet...what a great teacher I would be!).

So give out some "Go Hershey!" vibes and hopefully he'll be safe and sound back at school in the morning.


Michael Moore in response to the question of a reporter at the University of Oregon, "What will you do if Bush wins?" Posted by Hello
BBQ @ Bruce's Posted by Hello


They Can't Accuse Us of Being Sober

It's true, sobriety was one thing not experienced at this particular event (Evidence in photo collage above! Click it to enlarge). Our five-woman, one-dog adventure to Portland consisted of old friends, big brothers, bloody marys, karaoke, and sturgeon. And when I say karaoke, I mean four HOURS of karaoke.

Tip for the kiddies: Drinking bloody marys from 3pm to 1am is a recipe for toilet hugging, especially when followed by two cans of miscellaneous domestic beer. Don't try this at home...do it at Bruce & Tim's instead.

Please excuse the disconnectedness of text and related picture...I am having horrible technical difficulties with that darn BBQ collage :-)


Great Bumper Sticker

"Critical thought and radical dissent against the authority created this nation. Conformity did not."


A Loosing Battle

Ducks v. Sun Devils Posted by Hello

Well, we had fun even if the Ducks sucked.

Good things: Being surrounded by the students for whom I am a GTF (ha!), Steve starting a million chants of "Lets go ducks!," Liz G. starting fights, Scott dancing up the walkway, Liz C. doing booty dances to band music, and running into Chris at the beer garden. It's nice to see my school folks hanging out even when we're all swamped with student teaching and what not.

Bad Things: Screechy obnoxious girls standing behind us during the first quarter, loosing Matt & crew, running out of beer, and Steve getting hot dog grease on Buttweed during a high-five. She wiped it all over his shirt :-)

Cross you fingers for better luck next week.


The First Presidential Debate...Kerry Rocks my World!

Watching Bush Make an Ass of Himself Posted by Hello

Senator Kerry did a fantastic job speaking aside the bumbling, stuttering, ten second sound-byte speaker that we like to call our president, who is also physically incapable of internalizing his thoughts; Throughout the debate, George's face was an inch away from turning into a tongue-stuck-out, "na na na na, na!" Kerry was clear, organized, and strong with his messages that Bush has caused America to loose credibility.

My only concern with Kerry was that he did not, in so many words, retort to Bush's ump-teenth declaration that Kerry sends "mixed signals" by stating that making informed changes is not only wise, but critical for making such high stakes decisions as those made in times of war. This is as close as he got:

"It's one thing to be certain, but you can be certain and be wrong. It's another to be certain and be right, or to be certain and be moving in the right direction, or be certain about a principle and then learn new facts and take those new facts and put them to use in order to change and get your policy right. What I worry about with the president is that he's not acknowledging what's on the ground, that he's not acknowledging the realities in North Korea, he's not acknowledging the truth of the science of stem-cell research or of global warming and other issues. " -Kerry

According to NPR fact checkers, both candidates exaggerated some war facts. Most exaggerated was Bush's estimate of 10,000 registered voters in Iraq. While the number may be accurate, Steve Inskeep says that not only are many Iraqis double-registered, many will likely not vote as a result of corruption and consequences for those that do. Most of Kerry's exagerations were plausable, however, whereas Bush's were pretty unfounded.

If you didn't watch the debate, get your act together and join the rest of us in running this country. Full transcripts and the audio recording of the debate is available at www.npr.org.

If I hear the phrase "mixed messages" one more time I think I'll puke. At least he didn't say "Axis of Evil," that one would have sent me over!