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Deer Creek Camping Adventures

Deer Creek! Posted by Picasa

For details, read the wonderful post by Robin at Unexpected Happenings.

Deer Creek! Posted by Picasa
Deer Creek! Posted by Picasa
Deer Creek! Posted by Picasa


Fifty-Cent Hot Dog Night

Emeralds v. Boise, July 19 Posted by Picasa

This is my friend Stacy and I watching the Em's on Tuesday night. What's really weird is that my camera phone reversed the image when it took the picture...we were sitting slightly to the right of home plate (near 1st), but the image makes it look otherwise. Strange.

I love buying hot dogs for $0.50. It is a wonderful thing. I ate three.

Oh, and the Em's lost, 3-4.


The D.O.W.W. of Camping

D.O.W.W.II Posted by Picasa

D.O.W.W = Dirty Old Women's Weekend, the second annual women-only trip of nudity, drunkenness, and debauchery. Vaginas are required for attendance, but propriety must be checked at the door, and don't be surprised if we ask you to hang one tit out of your purple tank top. We are the women of the dirty old sorority Delta Omega Dub-ya Dub-ya, and we know how to build a fire, and we know how to take care of anyone that throws beer cans at us. Our mascot is Pono, the talkative park ranger, and our official beverage is Earl served with a side of pepsi.


Yesterday's Interview

Look at this picture.

Can you believe this is an elementary school? It's awesome! My interview went well, the best so far. If I get the job, I'll be totally stoked because it's an awesome new building in a very with-it school district, and I'll be teaching the grade I want to teach. Cross your fingers...I'll know at the end of othe week.


Typical Day with my "Program"

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9:50 Leave the House. (Unless it is Tuesday or Thursday, which means I first work at the lab at 8:00, or if it is Monday, which means I have a staff meeting at 9:00 and leave at 8:30, which also means no carpooling with program coworker)

10:00 Pick up Programskie. Sit in front of Programskie's hippie co-op for five minutes waiting for him to notice I'm there. Watch Programskie realize he's forgotten something and run back into the hippie co-op only to return with an almost left-behind lunch item that smells like cumin and barf

10:10 Turn up radio to give hint to Programskie that I don't want to hear him free-style rapping all the way to work. Subsequently watch him transition into music and start annoyingly bobbing his head to the rhythm.

10:15 Get involved in a conversation with Programskie about some political or societal problem, to which he will provide partial information and partial idealism/fluffy obnoxiousness.

10:19 Turn up radio and sing along, loudly

10:30 Arrive to the community center where our gear is stored. Unlock gate, pull out activity bus, lock gate, find Programskie so we can leave

10:45 Arrive to park of the day and quickly set up activities for the droves of children that have arrived too early. Tell Programskie to do things. Watch him look confused. Watch Functionalskie (my other co-worker) see what needs to be done and actually do it, without being asked. Also sigh as Programskie leaves his personal items all over the table.

11:00 Watch Programskie play with kids, and watch the kids totally respond to him, and realize that he is, after all, good for something.

4:50 Start packing up the activity bus.

5:00 Programskie notices that it's time to go and looks slightly dazed. Picks up things to put in the bus. Stands holding said items and spacing out. Slight twitch of face, followed by awareness, and finally he starts walking to the bus.

5:10 Start the bus and halt quickly as Programskie realizes he left his shoes. Drive back to the community center.

5:25 Open gate. Park bus. Close gate. Ask Programskie to drop off paperwork upstairs (and find out on Monday that he put it in very strange places throughout the upper floor of the building, and exactly NOT where it should have gone).

5:30 Get in Sara's car. Repeat morning car ride events.

5:45 Drop off Programskie at the hippie co-op.

5:46 Scream into wadded up city-issue sweatshirt and go home.


A Series of Busy-Ass Events (Ass Events!)

Well, after excessive nagging by my regulars, I feel compelled to update my readers on my recent antics. I've been busy with a new job and living/crashing in a new house, so life has been hectic. Life has been a series of events lately, leaving little room for blogging.

Event 1: Packing & Moving. What a bitch it is to pack your apartment, by yourself, with little space to stack things once you have actually packed them into a box. I also had to decide what things needed to come with me to Sammy's and what things I needed to have access to in my storage unit. Luckily, I had a coalition of the willing to help me move. We came, saw, and conquered my belongings, and in a matter of two hours, we had packed everything into the uhaul and unpacked it into my storage unit. Immediately following the move, we went to GJ's for breakfast, then Sammy, Liz C., & I joined Ron and Family at their cabin on a lake in Florence for the night. Unfortunately, the camp-out at the cabin was followed by two four-hour apartment scrubbing sessions. Gross.

Event 2: Moving into Sammy's House. I now live on a sleeping pad in the spare room at my friend Sammy's. Sound lame? Oh, think again. Ten feet from my sleeping area is a hot tub, ready for my use at any time. In the living room there is CABLE, an amenity I have not had in my residence for more than five years. The best feature is Sammy because she kicks ass and is the most awesome ever for letting me squat at her house until I get a job. Unfortunately, Sammy uses her phone line for internet and for phone calls, so I can't crack-out on the internet like I do in my real life, and I don't have much time to blog. I'm also super busy because of my new job (read on).

Event 3: Starting my New Job. The very next day after cleaning was the day I started a full week of training for my summer job as a site director for a city park program. The following Monday rolled around, and we started taking recreation activities to the three parks that are my charge. This is a royal pain in the ass (the traveling around thing) because travel time adds another ninety minutes to my day, plus I have to carpool with my PROGRAM co-worker who is a crazy space cadet. I will post about our daily interactions soon.

Event 4: Brice Creek. We spent the entire 4th of July weekend camping at Brice Creek, which was frekin' awesome because all of my friends are hot and I want to fuck us. And we're so humble too, ha ha. We made awesome food, inhaled too much campfire smoke, jumped off of rocks into frigid water, and patrolled the two dogs that joined us. There was much singing and general merry-making. I can't wait to go camping again... July 22nd is the next free-for-all trip (not to be confused with the second annual dirty old women's weekend on July 15). Be there, bitches!