College Started Today

I realized eariler that today was the first day at OSU and UO, so college is back in session. As I reflected on my time as a university student, and those of you that are not done with college yet, the following thought occured to me:



News from the North

(or South, depending on your location relative to me!)

1. Nikon has fixed and shipped my broken digital camera! Life is good, and soon you will see pictures to prove it! Yay for them fixing what was probably a problem that I caused :-)

2. Flow Mama ran away for like, two days, and someone finally called me when they found her. She had crossed two majorly busy streets (one with four lanes!) and was hanging out and making friends at a car wash. I google mapped it, and it was exactly a half mile from my house. Let's hope Mama's big adventure does not repeat it self!

3. I might get a raise...focus on the 'might' part. My union rep might have found a loophole that would raise me one step on the pay scale (about 1,000 per year).

4. The bill collectors are hot on my trail, including my own mother :-) She's not as bad as the others though. They have to understand, I'll pay them when I get the money. All the calling in the world, especially at 8am on a Saturday morning, will not put money in my pocket, so they'll have to wait until the end of the month, just like I have to. Give a gal a break!

5. I'm off to Eugene next weekend...I'll be crashing with Pattie-Poo and Robin-Poo for the Eugene Celebration...yay! I can't wait to watch the parade again, and see the Eleven Eyes, and the Daddies, and all that fun stuff. Time to find my flask...

That's all for now! Much love to you all from Salem.



4th Grade Dishonesty is SO Transparent!

This week one of my kiddos was talking excessively during quiet work time, so she had to fill out a letter to her mom explaining what happened. She filled it out (and spun details the story to reduce impact at home) and took it home that night to get signed by her mom.

The next morning as she came in the classroom door, she told me a very off-topic comment about how her aunt (guardian) had never graduated from high school or college. I smiled and nodded and thought she was just telling me some random story until later, when I looked at the signature on the letter she had brought back. Not only did it only have her aunt's first name, it was written in very awkward, unpracticed cursive, and the first letter in her aunt's name were crossed out and re-written.

Obviously the child had written it herself, and she'd even gone as far as to plant a story about her aunt's never graduating, so that I might believe that that 4th-grade scrawl belonged to an adult. Needless to say, I made a call home and informed Auntie of what happened.

Moral of the story - If you are a 10 year old attempting to forge your parent or guardian's signature, remember this:
1. Adults write their first AND last names in their signatures. That's what a signature is...your WHOLE name.
2. Adults have written their signature so many times in their lives that they don't mess it up anymore, so we will know something is funny if a signature is partially erased or scratched out.
3. Before writing on the actual paper that needs a signature, it's better to practice on scratch paper until you get the signature completely right.
4. When you're not in very much trouble, it's best not to make the problem worse by being dishonest. Adults hate it when kids are sneaky, so you'll get in TONS of trouble for the sneakiness part, not the original thing you did.



Pictures of my new classrom are coming soon. For now, enjoy this quiz. I know you will all dwarf me.

I am nerdier than 32% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


Hot Glue

Here's a little classroom annecdote for you already...the stupidity reflected here is mine and mine alone, and you will laugh at my expense. I give you permission.

Yesterday I was hot-gluing tiny pieces of velcro onto a chart that my students will use to check in as they arrive to school. Just as I put glue on a piece and picked it up, ready to stick it to the chart, I had to sneeze. So I put it down and quicky moved my and to my mouth to cover the sneeze. The little velcro piece (covered in hot glue) had attached itself to my thumb by the little strings of glue that glue gun makes when you release the trigger. The hot glue landed on my upper lip and firmly attached itself. So yes, I burnt my lip with hot glue.

I now have a nasty looking burn on my lip. And I meet parents today. Here are some reasons I could tell to explain it:
- Leprocy
- Herpes
- Cold Sore
- The real story
- Or I could just not say anything and let people make up their own stories

Gross. Oh well, it doesn't hurt as bad today, and I might be able to cover it with makeup.