Quick Update from Salem

Hi everyone! Things are going well here in Salem, although I just got my internet hooked up today, so I am behind with blogging, emailing, etc. I'll update sooner than later, probably by the end of the week. Jo asked about school and how things are going...Here are five things I LOVE about my new school/living situation:

1. It is a new building, so everthing is beautiful and high tech. I have four computers (plus one teacher computer) in my room, and my I.D. badge opens the doors.

2. The staff is AWESOME and they are all very helpful, not to mention upbeat and kind. My principal is fantastic...very funny and easy going. You can tell she has not lost sight of the purpose of her job.

3. Budget...I got a $400 budget for my classroom supplies, which is virtually unheard of these days. My classroom is looking awesome! I'll post pictures when I get my camera up and running again. I'm also getting paid pretty darn well compared to other districts in the state.

4. Curriculum: The math program is investigations, which rocks. The reading program is the one I used when student teaching, so I am familiar with it.

5. MY HOUSE! I found a kick ass three bedroom house five minutes from school that is a STEAL! I have so much space it's ridiculous. I have a bedroom, guestroom, office, huge living room, garage, and huge front and back yards.

Well, that's all you get for now. I'm in a hurry and must run (without spell checking...sorry!). I'll see a lot of you at the River House this weekend. If you have any questions or need to deviate at all from the plan, please keep me informed. Thanks!


I Got a Job!

You are now reading the blog of an official 4th grade teacher!!! This is a picture of my school.

I got the job in Salem and I start on August 29th. The first day is a 1/2 day new teacher inservice, and the second day is a staff meeting that is also 1/2 day. I'll have those two afternoons (plus any time I spend at night or next week), then my students will come to meet me on Thursday at 1:00. Yikes! So exciting!

I quit my job early, so my last day is Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I'm heading up to Salem to stay at my friend Ally's house and accomplish the following missions: (1) Bring all of my teacher stuff to my classroom, (2) Find a house to live in, and (3) Figure out what the heck I'm going to do with a class of nine and ten year old students! By that I mean plan the first two weeks or so.

This is so exciting, but mostly overwhelming. If anyone is interested in assisting me with classroom set-up, I need it when you can give it! I'll be working in my classroom next Wednesday-Friday, then the afternoons of the 29th & 30th. Call me!! My cell will stay the same.

I'm also looking for people to help me move next weekend, on Saturday (August 27th I think).

P.S. I haven't had time to write to everyone, but don't forget that RIVER HOUSE WEEKEND is coming up!!!!! It's labor day weekend (friday night through monday morning).


Job Search Status

So....Here's what's happening with my job search (also known as NOTHING):
  • Springfield, 5th Grade: Not offered the position
  • Village School, 5th/5th Grade Loop: Not offered the position
  • Newberg, 4th Grade: Not offered the position
  • Hillsboro, 6th Grade: Declined consideration because I didn't like the school
  • Coos Bay, 4th Grade: Not offered the position
  • Wilsonville, 2nd Grade: Didn't call back (and therefore not offered the position)
  • Salem, 4th Grade ESOL: Decision pending
  • Scio, 4th/5th/6th Grade Blend: Interview on Monday
  • Springfield, 4th Grade: Hoping for an interview
  • Creswell, 5th Grade: Hoping for an interview
  • Corvallis, 3rd Grade: Hoping for an interview
  • Albany, 4th Grade: Hoping for an interview
  • Eugene: Not holding my breath

And that's the story. Yay.


Shout Out

My friend Steve has started a blog. Check it out.


We went to Crater Lake...

...and Robin already posted about it. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Unexpected Happenings


Here is an interesting little game courtesy of Googlism.com:

Go to this website and type your name into the "googlism" box. Copy and paste your top seven into a comment on this posting. My top seven are:


1. Sara is a poophead and she fucked up her template

2. Sara is practicing for her career as a singer

3. Sara is the heart warming short novel of a girl who discovers the secrets of creating a happy life from a giant owl named Solomon

4. Sara is currently under development (ain't that the truth)

5. Sara is menacingly simple

6. Sara is shaven beach public nudity sex (waahh?)

and my favorite:

7. Sara is an outrageously inept comedy that mostly ends up embarrassing the audience (by taking off her top)


Now it's your turn. Click here. For extra credit, go to the "what is" section and tell me your favorites when you type in "sex." Oh, and thank you Ron for the idea.


Crater Lake

Off we go! Posted by Picasa

Even though I only worked for four days this week, it seems like nine days and three hours.

I'm relaxing at home right now, watching a Simpsons I've never seen before where Marge accidentally gets a boob job and becomes a trade show spokes model. Those zany Simpsons! In a few hours, Liz will be here and we're going shopping for our Crater Lake groceries. The plan is to leave at 8:00 am. Yeah right. If we leave by 10:00 I'll be super impressed. Meeting us later: Patrick, Robin, Scott. Also in attendance: Programskie. Remind me why he was invited?

Breaking news: I have a job interview near Portland for a 6th grade position. My friend Edie came to see me the other night, and that was fun. And my friend Liz is leaving for four months to go to ITALY, which rocks, although I'll miss her. I also got a new pair of chacos (see picture). They're not exactly the ones I wanted, but they have the better soles than my last pair. I also fell down for no apparent reason this morning while wearing said shoes, and have now added a nasty bruise to my already screwed up right knee. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't prevent me from making the trek down to the lake this weekend.

Oh, and my diploma came in the mail, but it's at my parents. Still, it exists and I am therefore a valuable person. Ah hem.

Have a great weekend everyone!