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Coming Back to Life

Well, after seven days of complete submersion in the nastiest sickness that has plagued me in years, I'm starting to feel a little better. Yesterday I could taste food, sit up without feeling dizy, and I could go for five minutes without coughing something up. Now I'm looking around and realizing that my apartment has become a nest of sickness and a total wreck and I have no clean laundry, plus payday isn't until tomorrow, so I don't have money to do the laundry. Crap. So that is the update on the quarantined one. I'm sure I will be emerging socially within the week, such as by Rachel's birthday party this friday. Right now alcohol sounds like puke, so I might not be a super hard-core partier with tequilla in tow.


One Year Aniversary

More than one year now Posted by Hello

I forgot to write about this until now, but February 1st was my one-year aniversary of quitting smoking. I started smoking when I was 13 and quit at age 23. It's hard to believe that someone as young as me can have smoked for ten years. But hey, at least it's ten, not eleven like it could be. I hate to give him any credit, but Terry is totally the reason that I was able to quit. It's amazing the difference a distraction can make, not to mention the fact that hanging out with him made me get over the alcohol+cigarettes equation, which was always equivalent to enhanced hangovers. Seriously, now that I quit smoking I can drink so much before I feel the urge to stop. However, I'm not sure that being able to drink forever and ever is such a great thing, given the circumstances of last Saturday (I can't even count how many drinks I consumed that night). The fact remains- Smoking is bad, quitting is good, and I did just that. Mmmkay. And even when men are complete dickwads, there is always some miniscule thing they can do to improve your life. We'll not go in to how that one thing measures up to the things that totally fuck up your life. That's another post on another day.


Yachatts Weekend

Cabin Fever Posted by Hello

A relaxing weekend, indeed.

Patrick, Robin, Chris, Scott, Sammy, Shad, Liz, and I went to Patrick's family cabin on the coast in Yachatts. We arrived armed with much liquor, bulk snack items purchased at Costco, and a willingness to party. What we did not bring was towells, which was okay, but drying off with a t-shirt after a shower is not optimal. We weren't missing anything else, except maybe the rest of our friends that should have been there, but they were there in spirit and conversation.

Friday night consisted of hefeweisen, cribbage, a walk on the beach, and other such shenanegins. Our walk on the beach was cut short by the fact that it was high tide, so we periodically had to run up to the rocks to avoid getting wet, except for when Sammy and Shad decided to take the waves head on, resulting in the cold wetness of their shoes and pant legs. Afterwards, as we stood on the rocks, Scott and Robin began a Tenacious D sing-along, which while funny did not include everyone present, so Patrick and I started singing the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Belair, and before we could get to the second verse, Robin fell off the rock and got wet too. So three out of seven of us got wet that night. Back at the cabin, we did god knows what for a few more hours and passed out in our respective couches/beds/bunks/fold-outs.

On Saturday morning we made bacon and egg bagel sandwiches and took off to Waldport to go crabbing. While we did not actually catch any crabs that were male or large enough to take legally, we did drink some beer and watch seagulls fight viciously over the bait left by other crabbers. We also saw a loon and a few seals, which are so damn cute. When we got back, there was napping and mochas and cribbage, followed by a fantastic pasta dinner and trivial pursuit pop-culture edition. Robin and I were on fire and totally won, although we would be the first to admit that all of the easy questions were coming to us, and the most obscure fucked-up questions were going to Scott, Sammy, & Shad's team. That night we built a fire on the beach and drank many screw-drivers made with odwalla orange juice and club soda, my new favorite drink. And of course, the Souza came out and was fully conquered. We had a lot of conversations about the changing nature of life and friendships and whatnot, then I passed out cold on the couch. There is a picture of it.

Now Sunday was a different story. I was the queen of hung-over and couldn't really do much. Keeping food down was hard, and even sitting up was pretty much impossible. Even though it was a realy nice day at the coast, sun shiny and beautiful, I camped on the couch as people went to the beach and to the Devil's churn. They had a really good time while I stabilized, so in the end, everyone was doing just fine. After we cleaned up the cabin, Scott, Robin, Patrick and I went to dinner then headed back home.

This was a great weekend, although I'm pretty much going to put myself on self-imposed detox for a while...It is way too easy for me to drink way too much. Thanks for the good times and great oldies everyone!


Time Well Spent?

College Life Exemplar Posted by Hello

What do you think, should I put this on my professional resume?

In 140 days I will be graduating from college as a certified teacher with a masters degree. You would not know it from this picture! Jon Belushi would be proud of me.

Long Awaited Pictures of Summer

Top L: Ducks V. Arizona State, R: 3rd River House Weekend; Bottom L: Dirty Old Women's Weekend, R:Patrick's Birthday Weekend Posted by Hello

Click on Image to Enlarge

The last part of the summer found me with a crappy 35 mm camera, which I quickly forgot about as soon as I bought my digital camera in late September. Recently, I unearthed three rolls of film and developed them only to find some awesome pictures from my crew's September adventures.

Top Left: Me with my three of my blog-boyfriends at the first football game of the season, which the Ducks lost. I drank way too much tequilla followed by way too many expensive bud lights. Drinking in the middle of the day is an interesting pursuit, not necessarily my favorite. On the way home Chris picked on me a lot and stole my cell phone.

Top Right: The crew from the 3rd annual River House weekend, involving great food, lots of cribbage, jumping off cliffs, and paddling around in the water all day. The good looking burly guy in the front is my pops. Interesting how times have changed in only a short period...

Bottom Left: All the members of Dirty Old Women's weekend minus me, who was so drunk that it's quite amazing for this picture to have turned out. The picture that follows in the series features me, topless, holding a flask of teqilla, with a shit-faced sneer that is priceless. Apparently there were side pony-tails at this occasion...I did not know this because I was drunk and topless.

Bottom Right: Me, Angelene, Rachel, & Sammy on the beach in Yachatts near the Moore family cabin. This was Patrick's birthday celebration, and although I have no picture of him at his finest and worthy of the collage (per say), let me assure you that he performed at his peak and had a smashing good birthday. And so did Scott.

I have scanned all of these and more, so they are available for sharing (assuming you know me and were part of one of the above events...if you don't and you weren't, that would be weird so don't ask, weirdo). See you all at the cabin!


We're Cool Like Deb

:-) Posted by Hello

:-) Posted by Hello

Side pony-tails sported in honor of a screening of Napoleon Dynamite (to which the last two posts are dedicated as well). Rules of the movie drinking game are available via the community center.


Which Napoleon Dynamite Character are You?

It's pretty much the best quiz ever. Posted by Hello

So which character are you? Take the quiz and tell me your skills.

Top Ten Signs You're Not the Most Popular Guy in High School

Presented by Napoleon Dynamite

10. Your yearbook photo caption reads, "Unidentified Sophomore."
9. Your only friend is the one you built in shop class.
8. School song includes phrase about how much you suck.
7. Every time you talk to a girl, the conversation inevitably drifts to your frequent nosebleeds.
6. The stupid kid who gets his tater tots stolen every day? He steals your tater tots.
5. Everyone's jealous of your tetherball skills.
4. Not only did you take your mom to the prom, you had to pay her 20 bucks.
3. You can't dance like this.
2. "Lord of the Rings" figurines-50, friends-0.
1. How would I know? I'm like the coolest kid in school.

Late Show Top Ten Archives


FCC Malfunction

Budweiser Superbowl Commercial Not Approved by FCC Posted by Hello

Apparently the FCC is so nervous about violations during the Superbowl, given Janet Jackson's nudity during last year's halftime show, that they wouldn't allow budweiser to air a commercial that makes light of the "wardrobe malfunction." It's pretty funny.

Low-Speed Commercial Link (Quick Time)
High-Speed Commercial Link (Quick Time)

Get versions of other speeds and for other players at www.budweiser.com.


Robin Will Be So Proud of Me

Following Robin's techy pioneering of such pursuits, I have created a moblog where I can post pictures taken with my camera phone. The moblog is appropriately named "The World According to Sara's Camera Phone." You can see my most recent picture in the right side bar of this blog, and you can click on that picture to get to the moblog (which, as of now, consists of only one picture). All of this without having to call Robin, not even for figuring out the html part! Woo hoo! Ok, so maybe I did call, but he didn't answer, so I really didn't have any help.