Here is a link to the article in today's Register Guard about my class's inauguration activities. It's a great one.


Appreciate it by giving us paper - Schools are in such dire straits right now and people have no idea. Grrr.

Also, please think about attending Stand for Children's President's Day Rally on February 16 at the state capitol building to defend our school from losing FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS next year, leading to cuts in staffing, programs, and materials and increased class sizes.


Yes, it really is this bad. Double grrr.

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Jobetta said...

That is a good article. At the inauguration, the kid next to me with his moms was about that age, and he was writing on a notepad a list of reasons he was bored. Granted, this was at about 9 a.m. with three hours to go before the swearing-in. :)