Found Strangeness Series, Continued

Found on the north side of Fern Ridge Reservoir, a floating restroom. While this unit is currently docked for the season and parked in the parking lot of a marina, I assume its job is to float in the middle of the lake for bathroom emergencies while motoring around Fern Ridge on a boat. Not only is this a floating restroom, something I had never heard of and is quite amusing, but check out the name of the barge thing this restroom gets to float on.

This makes me wonder: Good idea? Bad idea? Good joke? Bad joke? And, if the name holds any truth, does that mean people might as well just pee in the lake? And if so, what is the point of a floating restroom?


Snowbrush said...

Did you ever ride Amtrak back when you could see cinders and crossties racing past whenever you flushed the john?

Well.. said...

This does indeed raise more questions than answers. Are there more of these floating cammodes? The Drippin' Dan? Pollutin' Pete? The Seepin' Steve?