Please Email the Government to Help Oregon Schools!

The economic crisis has ripped an $800 million hole in the current year's budget. Oregon's schools could have to cut $322 million before June 30th.

To protect kids and schools from devastating cuts, we must take action today by writing to government representatives.

The legislature's budget-writing committee will meet this Wednesday* to discuss the impact of the shortfall on education. Let them know we support them as they make tough budget decisions.

Thank you for taking action!
Holly Pruett
Oregon Executive Director

Please consider attending the President's Day rally, and please spread the word by inviting 10 friends to it. http://capwiz.com/stand/taf/

Dear State Representatives,

I am a third grade teacher in Springfield, Oregon. I began this job this September after teaching for three years in Salem. Because I am new to my school district, seniority dictates that if job cuts are to be made, I am to be one of the first on the chopping block despite 4 years of service.

I went to school for five years to do this job. I am in debt tens of thousands of dollars in order to do this job. I work between 45 and 60 hours each week to design and implement effective instruction for my students. I LOVE what I do, and plan to make a life-long career of teaching. If funds are not provided to support Oregon schools, my school will lose a dedicated teacher, I will lose the career I love, and next year's students will not be helped by my efforts.

The huge, and varied implications of funding problems make it abundantly clear that it is a "Rainy Day" in Oregon schools. Please make prudent use of Oregon's reserve funds to prevent devastating cuts to the current school year. Please prevent good teachers like myself from losing the jobs they love, and making the difference they make.

I stand with and behind you as you target funding to programs that produce the best results, make prudent use of reserves, and raise revenue responsibly. However, increasing class sizes and the laying off of dedicated staff is not a consequence a thoughtful government would impose on children. Please make decisions regarding Oregon schools with the future in mind.

Sara Hos-

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